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Pokerbase - poker bankroll tracking app
Explore the Benefits of Pokerbase

Features of Pokerbase

This is a subset of the features that Pokerbase has to offer. It doesn't just help you during your sessions, but also in between them.

  • Pokerbase iconTrack Your Sessions

    Track every session you play, either live or online, and keep track of your bankroll throughout your poker career.

  • Pokerbase iconKeep Notes

    Details matter, so Pokerbase gives you the option to add notes to sessions, players, or hands.

  • Pokerbase iconRecord & Share Hands

    Pokerbase makes it easy to save NLH and PLO hands, which you can then share in text format or via our web replayer.

  • Pokerbase iconStay Up To Date

    Never miss out on important news in the community with the built-in newsfeed. You will always have something to talk about.

  • Pokerbase iconAdvanced Analytics

    We generate various reports on how you have played in the past, which makes it easy to find your best environments.

  • Pokerbase iconCustom Filters

    It is possible to create custom filters in order to get insights into your playing habits and learn from your mistakes.

  • Pokerbase iconICM & Chip Chop

    Want to know if a final table deal is profitable? Pokerbase helps you to calculate ICM and Chip Chop deals.

  • Pokerbase iconHand Ranges

    Take your custom hand ranges with you so you can review them at any time, even at the table. Works great for push/fold ranges as well.

  • Pokerbase iconEquity Calculator

    Calculate equities in pots between multiple players and figure out who got it in right and who didn't.

  • Pokerbase iconRange Equity Calculator

    Often we don't know the villain's hand, so Pokerbase calculate your equity versus a range of possible hands.

  • Pokerbase iconGenerate Excel Reports

    Because doing your taxes can be a pretty hard job, we've added custom excel exports to make the process easier.

  • Pokerbase iconONLINE BACKUP SYSTEM

    Scared of losing your data? With our free online backup system you can rest easy knowing your data is safe.

App Store Preview

A short overview of the most important screens and features of the Pokerbase app for iOS & Android.

Pokerbase in Action

A sample hand that is recorded via the Pokerbase app. Share hands with friends anywhere in the world, on any device.



See what others have to say about how Pokerbase helped them to play their A-Game every single time.

  • Robin H.Robin H.

    "Love the UI! Besides tracking my sessions, I can have my push-fold charts with me at all times. Awesome!"

  • Robin HaveneersThomas M.

    "Finally an app that makes it easy to save both NLH and PLO hands. Been looking for such an app for years."

  • Robin HaveneersCharles V.

    "Not only is Pokerbase a useful tool at the table, but it will also help me do my taxes by exporting excel sheets."

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